Community Leaders

LGBT Foundation are currently recruiting, training and empowering a group of volunteers to ensure that the health and care needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people are recognised through facilitating interaction between seldom heard community voices and primary care services.

Among the issues we are looking at are:

• How does your GP treat its LGBT patients?

• Why is it important that my dentist knows my sexual orientation/trans status?

• What can Optometrists tell us about our wider health?

• How can we get the most from our Pharmacy services?

Whether we only need access to  primary care services when we are sick or need support, or if we depend on regular support to improve the quality of our lives and sometimes even save our lives, we can and should feel able to make a real difference to the way these services are run.

This is especially important if we think we haven’t been listened to as lesbian, gay,bisexual and trans people and if our needs and wishes haven’t been taken into consideration in the past, or our voices are not currently being heard.

LGBT Foundation has been funded until 2019 by NHS England and Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership to focus attention on  ways that all LGBT people across Greater Manchester have appropriate access to primary care services that are LGBT inclusive and understand the needs of our communities.

This is part of our growing Pride in Practice programme that offers specific training and support to GP and Dental Practices and Pharmacy and Optometry services across Greater Manchester.

We know that many LGBT people may worry about accessing services for fear of experiencing discrimination or even hostility on the grounds of their sexual orientation, gender identity or trans status and it is imperative that we overcome this to enable health providers to become more aware of the needs of LGBT communities and how to best address them.

If you identify as lesbian,gay,bisexual  and/or trans and would like to share your experiences of primary care services to help inform others and to ensure that services understand the needs of LGBT people,please contact: