Does your GP meet your needs?

Are you open and honest about your sexual orientation with your GP?

Does your GP recognise, understand and act upon your individual needs, and are they inclusive of you as a lesbian, gay or bisexual person?

….that isn’t always the case.

Pride in Practice is a quality assurance service that strengthens and develops GP Practices’ relationships with their lesbian, gay and bisexual patients.

Why does Pride in Practice exist?

Many people report that their GP is fantastic, but others report negative experiences and fear about being open with their GP: 

  • Many have experienced negative responses in the past
  • Many people fear the response from the health care provider
  • Many do not know why it could beneficial for them as a patient for the GP to know their sexual orientation. Check out

What does Pride in Practice do?

What Pride in Practice provides The results for the GP Practice


A detailed assessment for GP Practices to complete, looking at their knowledge of LGB issues, their public environment and their policies.


The assessment provides a checklist for the GP Practice to review in order to achieve excellence in LGB health care. Awards for the quality of service are provided for successful practices to publically celebrate their achievement and commitment.

Educational materials about LGB health care issues and barriers to LGB people accessing services.

GP Practices are more informed about LGB needs and experiences and provide a higher quality service to LGB patients.

Support to create a welcome environment including resources and Equality and Diversity policy reviews.

Encouraging LGB people to be open and honest.

LGB patients are more open and comfortable with their GP.

GPs to understand the importance of not assuming patients are heterosexual. Many patients will not feel confident or willing to correct an assumption.

Access to refer LGB&T patients to The Lesbian & Gay Foundations helpline.

Increase the quality of patient experience and potential health outcomes by offering specific LGB services, to their LGB patients that may benefit from being given a choice of services alongside mainstream services.

Pride in Practice provides GP practices with on-going information and support about how to best meet the needs of LGB people. GP Practices can pay to be registered to Pride in Practice, receive this support and be celebrated for their commitment to delivering excellence to their LGB patients.

What award would your GP get?

Once a practice is registered with Pride in Practice they are encouraged to complete a self-assessment.


Achieving a good standard of LGB awareness, including prevalence rates of various conditions, importance of inclusive language and knowledge of LGB specific services.

There are publically displayed posters/messages targeted at lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

The practice has implemented sexual orientation monitoring of patients.


The practice has demonstrated that sexual orientation monitoring is being used to improve LGB patient experience/address health inequalities.



All the awards should be highly celebrated because GP Practices are very busy and pressured, so the commitment to take the time to engage in Pride in Practice should be applauded. 

An award does not guarantee that every staff member within the practice will get things right 100% of the time, but they are committed to delivery excellence in lesbian, gay and bisexual healthcare.

How to find out if your practice is involved

Check out our online directory and see if your GP Practice has achieved an award -

Type the name of your practice in the first field and find out! Be aware that you may call your GP Practice one name but it may be known as another.


All GP practices in Manchester and Salford are currently registered to Pride in Practice, and are at different stages of engagement, as are many other individual practices throughout England and Wales.

You can leave your comments about your practice; all positive ones are publicly visible on the website, and all negative comments are used to inform the work that is done with GP Practices.

One patient’s feedback could engage a whole practice with Pride in Practice and potentially improve the health outcomes for all of the practices LGB patients.

If you would like more information at Pride in Practice email