Relaxation Therapies

Relaxation Therapies

Finding time for relaxation is an important part of maintaining your wellbeing, and here at LGBT Foundation we want to support you to find some time to relax.

Our Relaxation Therapy Service is delivered by volunteer Reiki Master Andrew Catterall, and offers individuals the chance to access sessions of Reiki or Massage free of charge.

Our practitioner says ‘Reiki and Massage can enhance our emotional and physical well-being through stress reduction and relaxation. They can enable the body's natural healing abilities and help to improve and maintain health.

The service is available on Friday’s between 3pm and 8pm and Saturday’s 10am to 3pm. Your initial session will be an assessment with our practitioner where you can decide whether Reiki or Massage (or a combination) is the best option for you.

Individuals may be offered up to four sessions, but the number of sessions will depend on what you need. 

To access the service please contact our reception team by calling 0345 3 30 30 30 and "Find peace in a busy world."