Sexuality is not a barrier to success

Being who you are never has to be a barrier to what you want to achieve.

The lesbian, gay and bisexual people featured in this section of the website are all at the top of their game, and all of them are shaping the landscape of their chosen vocation - and of this country.

Whether they are fronting successful rock groups, helming the country’s biggest TV shows, or at the top of their game in the sporting arena, sexuality is an important part of their lives, despite this it still hasn’t been an issue in achieving success and recognition.

We want you to be inspired by these pages. Inspired to be the best you can be at whatever career you choose.  Don’t let anyone tell you that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is a disadvantage. It isn't.

Aim high.  There’s nothing stopping you.

Twenty questions. Twenty people who have succeeded in their chosen field. Browse the questions below and click to find out what they said.

What advice would you give those seeking a job in broadcasting?

Why are there so few gay people in sport?

How important is it to have people around you that you can confide in?

How important has the support of friends and family been to your success?

Is it harder to become a successful sportsperson if you’re a lesbian?

How important is it to have openly gay characters in TV drama?

What was your coming out experience like?

Is it best to tell everyone you’re gay as early as possible?

How should gay people deal with a society that doesn’t understand them?

Theoretically, could the UK’s next Prime Minister be gay?

Where will the gay rights movement be in ten years?

Has being gay ever caused you problems at work?

What would you say to encourage and inspire more women to take an active role in public life and society in general?

What would your advice be to other lesbians who are building a career and raising a family?

Do you think it’s harder to be gay and a woman?

When did you first realise that you were gay?

How did you set up and make your business a success?

Were you always top of the class at school?

How easy is it for gay people to succeed in the banking industry?

What would you say to a young LGB person who wants to come out, but is perhaps too scared to?

What's this all for? Well we're glad you asked.

Aim High is a resource to encourage young LGB people to reach their goals and to show sexuality should not get in the way of success in the workplace, by providing a selection of role models to aspire and draw inspiration from.

It's vital that young LGB people find out that sexuality is not a barrier to success and you can help us to get this information out to as many schools, colleges and other places where it can be easily picked up by the people who it matters to the most. Click here to find out how you can help >>>

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