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LGBT Foundation are proud to launch their new Trans Programme!

This work has been developed through a comprehensive and ongoing period of consultation with the trans community in Greater Manchester, and we are very pleased to be a part of the local and national work that continues to highlight the needs of the trans community and fight transphobia in all walks of life. As we expand on our services and capacity, we are looking for new volunteers to come on board to make this programme a success.

The aims of the programme are…

  1. Improve the health and wellbeing of trans people
  2. Increase the skills and confidence of trans people
  3. Increase the knowledge, empowerment and resilience of trans people
  4. Reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation of trans people

What We Do

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Get Support

Our Services

LGBT Foundation supports trans people with our helpline, sign-posting, groups, befriending and counselling.

All our gender specific groups (i.e, the Young Men’s group or Stepping Stones) are open to all those who self-identify completely or partially as that gender, whether they are binary or non-binary, and are based on sexual orientation only (e.g. Stepping Stones is open to all women who identify as lesbian or bisexual).

Our Trans Advisory Panel was established in 2014 as part of a period of ongoing consultation with the trans community as The Lesbian & Gay Foundation prepared to change our name to LGBT Foundation. This group is made up of representatives from a range of voluntary and charitable trans groups who offer services and support to the Greater Manchester trans community. Learn more about the Trans Advisory Panel here.

Trans Programme on Social Media


Transgender sexual health Tumblr

Our sexual health Tumblr regularly posts advice and shares questions from the trans community about sexual health. You can ask anonymous questions and get confidential and non-judgmental advice.


#TRANSMCR on Facebook

Follow our Facebook #TRANSMCR page for regular updates and more!

Get Informed

TransMission eBulletin

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What is TransMission?

TransMission is a monthly eBulletin for trans people by trans voices. Through personal accounts, poetry, artwork, community profiles and trans social and support group spotlights, we aim to inform and empower trans individuals to have their vocies heard. Alongside these items you'll also find the following sections in our eBulletin:

Broadcast - We’ll link you to some great national news articles, investigative journalism, TV and radio shows, and research publications. 

Trans Resource Bank - This section of our website will be regularly updated with publications and resources providing information and guidance for trans people and service providers on a range of issues from legal rights to health and wellbeing.

What's On? - Find out about forthcoming trans events, and key dates happening over the next month across both the North West, and nationally. You’ll also find information about regular support groups across Greater Manchester by visiting the ‘Get Involved’ section of our website.

If you'd like to subscribe to TransMission, receiving it in you inbox every 3rd Thurday of the month, register your details here and tick the Trans Bulletin box.

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