Keeping safe when on a night out

Here are just a few tips to make sure your big night out doesn't end up in one big mess, brought to you by our Village Angels. These tips are not just specific to the LGBT community everyone may want to make themselves aware of them.

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 1.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, and have something to eat before you start drinking.

 2.  Pace yourself: your night out isn’t a race.

 3.  Don’t feel pressured into taking drugs, if you intend on taking drugs make sure you know what you are taking and tell your friends what you are taking. Remember you could have a bad reaction and that a ‘come down’ can be as dangerous as being high on a particular drug.  

 4.  DON’T mix alcohol and drugs – Remember you may not suffer the same side effects as your friends.

 5.  Make sure you are with friends, or people you trust. You don’t want to be left vulnerable or alone.

 6.  Be a good friend – If your friend is ill make sure they get appropriate medical help or get home OK.

 7.  Don’t get involved in volatile situations. If you see a fight stay out of it.

 8.  Keep an eye on your belongings…don’t take your wallet or purse filled with all your cards. Simply take one Bank Card and enough cash for your night out. If you use a cash machine hide your pin number.  Ideally put some money separate away to ensure you have money for a taxi home.

 9.  Leave expensive jewellery and watches at home. If you choose to take them out, keep them hidden!

 10.  Keep your phone secure in your pockets, don’t flash it around. Make note of your phone’s IMEI number as should you lose your phone or have it stolen your provider will be able to identify it and Police may need it when you report it stolen.

 11.  Never leave anything unattended.  This includes wallets, handbags, purses, phones, keys & drinks.

 12.  If you meet someone tell your friends where you are going. We advise ‘always be prepared and educated’ so why not carry safer sex protection (our men’s and women’s safer sex packs are provided free by the LGBT Foundation from many venues in Manchester’s gay village). For information about safer sex regardless of your gender or sexual orientation call us on 0845 3 303030 or

 13.  It’s important that you don’t feel pressured to doing anything with someone else – You can say NO and change your mind.

 14.  Don’t be tempted to stay out for a few more drinks – know your limits.

 15.  Make sure you get home safely. Only take black cabs, or registered private hire taxis. If you are taking the bus or tram we advise you sit downstairs. If you are walking home make sure you choose a safe route walking down well light streets. Pre-Plan your route home.

Have a fab, safe and enjoyable night out #BESAFE #STAYSAFE

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