Mental health advice for LGBT young people

We all have mental health. Even though we may not really think about it, it is still there. Mental health can affect the way that you act and feel, and the way you think and feel about your life.

It is likely that 1 in 4 people will experience at least one mental health problem in any one year of their lives.

Research suggests that lesbian, gay or bisexual people may be more likely to have mental health problems than members of the straight community. Young people in particular may also have an increased risk of experiencing mental health problems. Lots of people believe this is due to the effects of homophobia, prejudice and heterosexism in society.

There are many things we can do to improve or maintain our mental wellbeing, first of all we can get hold of some of the facts. Thissection of the website aims to give some facts about the more common mental health problems that you may come across alongside useful information about how you can take steps to look after your own wellbeing and that of other people around you.

You'll also find useful information about where to get further help and information about all the topics included in this section.