The Outreach Team

Our Outreach Officers are trained and ready to provide a variety of services at your place of work, college, community centre, Pride celebration, conference or general event!


If you're based in the Greater Manchester area we will provide a general information stall at your event, free of charge. This will include information on the services we offer at LGBT Foundation.

Free Workshops

If you would like a free workshop on Community Safety, such as how to support someone experienceing a Hate Crime.  Please contact

We offer 4 free LGBT inclusive workshops on safer sex and healthy relationshisp. These aresuitable for people of all ages and are provided free of charge to groups based in Greater Manchester:

1. Healthy Relationships
This inclusive workshop provides participants with skills in communication and assertiveness so they can develop and build on health relationships in their lives. We will touch on various topics including communication, consent online dating and body image.

2. Safer Sex 101
Safer Sex 101 is an introduction to having safer sex and taking control of your sexual health choices. It will explain how to choose the right safer sex and contraceptive materials for you and bust some myths about STIS and sex.

3. HIV - beyond the fear
For some people, the fear of contracting HIV is a great source of anxiety in their lives. This workshop explores HIV and the fear, myths and stigma associated with it. Participants will also learn skills and tips on how to manage that anxiety and go 'beyond the fear'.

4. STIs and Screening
Learn about commons STIs, their symptoms, causes and myths! We will also be talking about how and where to access a full sexual health screening, what the benefits are and why people feel nervous about getting STI screenings.

Please contact if you would like to book a free workshop.

Paid Workshops and Training

We also offer training packages for a fee. Examples of these include:

- LGBT Awareness

- Trans inclusion

- Equality and Diversity Training

- Talks and presentations

- Bi inclusion

- Anti-bullying 

All training packages are customisable and can be altered to suit professionals, service providers or service users. The fee will based on the size and nature of your group and we provide discounts for charities. We can travel to any location or alternatively, host an event for you at our office (5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF). 

If you are interested in one of these workshops, please email for more details.