Supporting local activity

We fully support local engagement across the region, not only with the voluntary and community sector, but with statutory partners, community networks and private businesses.

This section of the website is intended to showcase examples of the work that  LGBT Foundation has supported, or is currently involved in, within specific local areas.

We work in partnership with other agencies in order to make positive changes in areas where specific support is required, or where there is a need to take action, or where partners invite us to support inclusion and development for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people living in a particular area.


Salford LGBT Needs Assessment

The needs of Salford’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities have not previously been documented. As part of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) process Salford City Council has been working on a needs assessment for LGBT people in the city. This needs assessment aims to gather evidence to determine the health and wellbeing needs of the LGBT population in Salford. There are a number of areas in which LGBT people experience greater inequality and therefore have higher needs than the general population. These issues range from health and social care through to knowledge about specific LGBT services being communicated to those who need it most.

Evidence shows that some LGB&T people have poorer health outcomes; poorer wellbeing; and greater health needs compared to the general population. This is further exacerbated by the barriers LGB&T people face when accessing public services.  LGB&T people are less likely to access mainstream health services and are more likely to rate their experiences as poor, and fear that they will suffer unequal treatment .Given this evidence base, LGB&T people are likely to have worse health outcomes across a broader spectrum and are falling through the net, where they are using services, their sexual orientation or gender identity is rarely taken into account.

LGBT People in Salford Needs Assessment. Link to PDF download:

Get involved with NHS North, Central and South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups

Manchester CCGs are looking for public representatives to act as a ‘voice’ on behalf of patients and carers registered with north, central and south Manchester GP practices.  The groups are supported by NHS staff.

Who might become a member of a Patient and Public Advisory Group:

The NHS welcomes anyone registered with a GP in Manchester to apply to become a member of the group.  They are looking for individuals who:

•           Are aged 16 years and above

•           Have experience of the healthcare system in north, central and south Manchester as a patient or carer

•           Have an interest in local healthcare issues

•           Have an interest in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle

•           Are able to take an objective approach to priority setting and who can take a broad view of the role to encompass the viewpoint of others

Although training will be given in order for individuals to feel confident representing views on behalf of diverse local communities, they welcome diversity within the group, and would encourage individuals of all ages, ethnicities, disabilities etc to apply. Applicants who work as health professionals would not normally be appointed, as there are other ways for their views to be heard.  Please contact NHS Manchester CCGs by email or by telephone on 0161 765 4004.


NHS Tameside & Glossop launch equality delivery survey

All public sector organisations are now required to publish data to show what they are doing to meet their equality objectives.

NHS Tameside and Glossop have published their data here:

We want to ensure all parts of our local communities have fair access to NHS information and services at the points in our lives, when we need to use NHS services. Different people will need different services, and at different points in our lives those needs will vary. We know that not all people access or take up services in the same way and we want to try to take reasonable steps to accommodate these different needs, particularly for local protected groups.

NHS Tameside and Glossop have also launched an online survey to gather evidence on help them understand their performance around equality and diversity and how well they provide inclusive services to all communities – including patients, carers and staff.

If you use NHS services in the area please complete the survey and have your say on the organisation’s approach to equality: