Research into LGB needs and experiences

In 2011, the Lesbian & Gay Foundation conducted the “I Exist” survey for lesbian, gay and bisexual people living in the UK. You can access the key findings from this summary reports page. 

The total valid sample size is 2,580 which are summarised in the UK report. Of that number, 746 people were located in Greater Manchester for which we have also produced a specific summary report.

The findings suggest that LGB people are disproportionately affected by;

  • hate crime
  • discrimination and bullying
  • mental health issues
  • many cancer risk factors such as smoking
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • time off work due to stress and substance use

The data also suggests that LGB people are actively involved in their communities, out to many people about their sexual orientation, and able to take advantage of increased social acceptance and legal protections.

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