Severe And Multiple Disadvantage Research

We are carrying out a research project to understand how lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people experience severe and multiple disadvantage (SMD). SMD is usually described as a combination of; homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, offending and mental health issues. For LGBT people however, we understand that there may be other areas which may also be a disadvantage such as domestic abuse or sex work.

Every aspect of the research will be guided and informed by a core group of LGBT individuals with lived experience. The aim of the research is to get a rich understanding of what life is like for LGBT people with severe and multiple disadvantage, through carrying out in depth interviews led by those with lived experience. As well as understanding what severe and multiple disadvantage is like for LGBT people, we want to get an understanding of why people aren’t accessing services, and for those that have accessed services, what their experience was like.

The whole purpose of carrying out this research is to push for change within the system.With this information we are going to improve the way in which we deliver our own services, as well as pushing for wider change to create and modify services to be better suited for LGBT people with severe and multiple disadvantage. The aim is to make it so that help is readily available, better suited towards the specific needs of the individual. We hope to encourage better staff training to deal with the specific needs of LGBT people

There are a few ways in which you can get involved:

Join our core group:

If you are LGBT and have lived experience of severe and multiple disadvantage you can join our core group and take a leading role on the project. We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals, able to contribute as you can. For example, attending core group meetings when able to, sharing your ideas and interviewing research participants.

 In return we can offer you the opportunity to:

·         Change a system that is not meeting the needs of LGBT people.

·         Develop skills in decision making, discussion and organisation.

·         Gain training to carry out interviews

·         Access volunteering opportunities within LGBT foundation

Join our steering group:

We are looking for representatives from the public, private, voluntary and academic sector to join our steering group to assist with the project.

Help spread the word:

Referring people to us – do you work with people who are experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage? Please tell them about our study and let them know how they can get involved and have their voices heard

Professional networks – Are you part of, or do you know of any organisations that might be able to help us recruit participants for the core group or the interviews?

For more information please email