Trans Active

We believe that physical wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. Being active can mean different things to different people, and it’s really important that you find activities that you enjoy and feel comfortable doing.

We know that some activities and spaces don’t always feel accessible or accommodating, so we’re making September our ‘Trans Active month’ so you can try out new classes, sports and activities.

Manchester trans-inclusive sports groups and societies 

The following groups have made a pledge to become trans-inclusive, and have a special offer for September's Trans Active month.

Manchester Frontrunners logo

Manchester Frontrunners (MFR) are part of International Frontrunners, a network of LGBT running clubs all over the world. Our club was formed in 2005, and has been growing ever since. We now have around 100 members, mostly from the LGBT community, but we are open to everyone.

We cater for all running abilities, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned long distance runner. For the true beginner, we offer a Couch 2 5k course which begins in September and lasts for 8 weeks every Saturday morning in Chorlton.

All newcomers are buddied with someone to run with them their first time, at a pace and distance to suit them. Whether your limit is a 5km jog, or you can whizz around a 10km in under 40 minutes, everyone is very welcome.

We offer three runs a week, including a track session for more advanced runners on a Tuesday evening, with a choice of a Saturday morning run in Chorlton or our main run which is Thursday nights starting at The Sugden centre on Oxford Road in town.

We have just launched our new trans webpage to help encourage and support trans members and very much hope we can tempt some more people from our local community to come and join us. We will be supporting Trans Active month by offering FREE membership to trans people who start running with us in September. Any questions then please contact our Welfare Officer Sarah Rickard

*Trans is an umbrella and inclusive term used to describe people whose gender identity differs in some way from that which they were assigned at birth; including non-binary people, cross dressers and those who partially or incompletely identify with their sex assigned at birth